Thursday, April 26, 2007

MS Project 2007 Server Lane: Eps 1 : Quick installation tips

first, to install MS Project 2007 Server I with the following environment
  • Windows 2003 (with the latest SP)
  • IIS 6 or above
  • DotNet 1.1 (for some features you need to have 2.0 also installed)
  • MS Sql 2000 or 2005 with the latest SP
  • Don't forget MS Project Server 2007
  • I also installed MS sql 2005 to be used with MS Project Portfolio Server 2007 (not yet installed)

The installation went smooth and it is a matter of wizards which you just need to keep the defaults as is and go ahead

I have done and I noticed that the installation of Project Server 2007 installed also the WSS to be used to create the Projects' sites

Note: As usual WSS when installed occupied the port 80, so make sure that you are not running any web application on this port, if you have the only solution is to move them to new port

The server that I selected to be used as Project Server 2007 had a production web site, (I knew about it but that was the only server that I had). I created another virtual directory under the Share Point Site and selected "Redirect to URL" as the location of the directory

So, now I have everything is running and ready for the next step

Best Regards

Bilal Okour

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