Sunday, April 6, 2008

MS Project Server 2007 Best Practice :: submit, approve, apply and publish

The confusion of how to use the EPM in the right way is common everywhere. The main two player in this environment (Project Managers & Team Members) find sometimes difficult to understand why the EPM is not reflecting the progress information for any published project. To understand this you can take it simply like this

  1. PM :: Publish the project to PWA (Using Project Pro)
  2. Team Resource :: Submit the progress update to his PM (using PWA)
  3. PM :: Approve the updates received by his resources (using Project Pro) 
  4. PM :: Apply the approved updates to be reflected into the plan  (Using Project Pro)
  5. PM :: Adjust (if required) and then Publish the project plan again to PWA (using Project Pro)

The picture below can tell this in a better way

Best Practice

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Bilal Okour


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