Monday, November 19, 2007

Windows Live Writer

As usual, when i am free i have one thing that can turn me busy again, browsing the net, and guess what I found
Something called "Microsoft Live Photo Gallery", this sounds cool for me as a person who is Photos editing  fan :)
So, within a second I started downloading that thing, and within couple of minutes the installation start and I found myself setup another thing called "Microsoft Live Installer" which include in turn another couple of cool staff like

  1. Live writer: cool, you can use it to purplish posts to your blog, and guess what, it can connect to any web bloger that have web blog web service running. Actually i tried it only to connect to my Windows live space blog
  2. Live photo gallery: I did not use it it, i am still do the setup while writing this post 
  3. Live Mail: You can access all of your email accounts from one place, also i am still downloading it :)
  4. other interesting service that you have to give a try

To start download please click here

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