Monday, January 7, 2008

New Initiative from Arabilla.Net, “Featured Arabic Site, FAS”


Dear visitor

As per Arabilla.Net objective, to facilitate the awareness of the latest technology, we will start a new type of news letter called “Featured Arabic Site, FAS”, in each newsletter of this type we will highlight the service that site, blog, or community is providing.

If you are the owner, participant in one of these sites please let us know about your site and accordingly let the others know about your work.

We think we can encourage Arabic initiatives in this field which will lead to effective participation in making and using of the technology around the world.

We will either select those sites by ourselves or you can email us on tilling us about your contribution

The good candidates’ contributions should follow the following rules

  1. The Site, blog, community can be either group work or individual. But it should be focusing on technology not self or personal activities
  2. It can be in any technology field
  3. It can be in either Arabic or English, the priority will be for Arabic sites
  4. It should not include anything other than technology related topics

If you would like to participate please send us the following

  1. Your contribution URL (site, blog or community)
  2. Your contribution description

We hope that this will bring new benefits to Arabilla.Net subscribers

Best Regards

Bilal Okour

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