Sunday, December 30, 2007

MS Project 2007: Resource Booking Type? Committed or Proposed

When selecting a resource to your project then you need to specify the booking type of this resource and only you have 2 options

  • Committed: means that this resource will be actually booked for current project(s)
  • Proposed: it is usually used when preparing a proposals to get the estimate cost of the proposed project, Proposal resource means that it can be used if the company did not get the project

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Bilal Okour


nishant said...

Fisr of all, I am impressed by the knowledge which you have shared through this blog.

My comment specifically for this post is:

The concept of proposed / committed is interesting. I have observed that if we have resource assignments for a resource which is still "proposed", he/she will not see the tasks in the "my tasks" section of project web access. He/she will be able to see them when the booking type is changed to "committed".

Suresh Chandra Bose said...

We also change the Booking status from Comitted to Proposed whenever any resource gets rolled off

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marry said...

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