Sunday, December 9, 2007

MS Project, WBS, Resources and some comments

For whom who are using MS Project to develop the the project's tasks schedule they used to do the following

  • First they start with the high level deliverables
  • Then decompressing till the WP level
  • Then create tasks under each WP
  • Then estimate the duration
  • Then assign the resources
  • then ..
  • ...

ok, let us go back to the bold step "Then assign the resources", well, but according to PMI methodology there is a missed step which is

  • Then determined the skills required for each task

For example: the task "Installing MS Sql 2005" required the following skills

  1. Systems administration
  2. DB Administration

So, i can imagine that when assigning resource for "Installing MS Sql 2005"  then system should not show me the name of our chairman for example as one of the available resources !

It should list only

  • Resources who are available
  • Resource who is not occupied or busy with other tasks at that time
  • Resource who owned the required skills


otherwise you will find yourself building non realistic plans for your project


best regards

bilal okour

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